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Shandong car carrier trailer manufacturers popularize car related information

Shandong car carrier manufacturers popularize car-related information. With the development of the times, Shandong car carriers are used in more and more fields. More people choose Shandong car carriers. Many friends call me to consult me about Let me summarize the relevant information about Shandong car carriers for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

A car carrier refers to a vehicle for transporting cars. There are three models of car carriers according to their structural forms, namely double-axle twins, double-axle single-tyres, and single-axle twins; according to their appearance, they are divided into skeleton type, semi-enclosed type and closed type.

Car carriers are also known as vehicle carriers, big monsters, second monsters, etc.

The car carrier can be made into different lengths according to customer needs. The frame is a welded I-beam, and the entire body uses fully automatic submerged arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. After welding is completed, shot blasting is performed to eliminate welding stress and improve the adhesion of the paint surface, so as to ensure stable quality and beautiful appearance. The upper chassis can be divided into two or three pieces, and the degree can be adjusted with a hand chain hoist and an oil cylinder. The closed front piece is skinned by stamped small corrugated boards, and the sides are skinned by small corrugated boards or stamped corrugated boards, with canopy poles and tarpaulin added to the top. The entire vehicle is equipped with a tool box, a spare tire rack, and is equipped with a drip brake system to improve the safety of vehicle transportation.

1. Car classification

According to the car body structure of the car, we can divide the car into three structures: skeleton, semi-enclosed and fully enclosed. According to the rear axle structure of the car, we can divide the car into two-axle structures. Single tire type, twin axle twin tire type, etc.

Skeleton type, that is, the side panels are composed of columns, without side panels, front panels, rear doors and panels. This type of car carrier has light weight, low cost and low fuel consumption, but it is inconvenient to transport goods and the car is easily damaged.

A fully enclosed car, that is, the side panels and the front panel are all closed with panels, with a rear door, and the panels are of the canopy-pole type. This type of car transporter has heavy weight, high cost and high fuel consumption, but it can protect the car and transport other goods;

Semi-enclosed sedans, that is, without tablets, have features somewhere in between.

Dual-axle single-tire sedan, that is, the rear axle is a dual-axle structure, and each axle has 2 tires, a total of 4 tires. The axle of this structure is designed as a concave bridge, so that the porous plate above the axle is very close to the ground, which increases the loading space.

A two-axle, twin-tire car means that the rear axle is a double-axle structure, with 4 tires on each axle, for a total of 8 tires. The axle of this structure is designed as an ordinary axle and uses a reverse-mounted suspension device, so that the porous plate above the axle is very close to the ground, usually 1250mm, which affects the loading space, but increases the load-bearing capacity.

2. Main structure of car

2.1 The car structure is generally divided into lower chassis, upper chassis, side panels, front panels, rear doors, panels, accessories, hydraulic system, suspension system, air brake system, circuit system, support device, hub cooling system, etc. .

2.2 Due to the limitations of national standards on the outer dimensions of vehicles, generally, the outer dimensions of the car carriers in our company's announcement are too small, while the actual outer dimensions of the produced vehicles are too large. The front overhang, wheelbase, and rear overhang are different from those in the announcement. They are also inconsistent, so you need to pay attention when signing a contract. In addition, in order to facilitate the entry of vehicles into homes, the car is usually designed into three sections in the length direction. The middle section can be removed. After the front and rear sections are connected, the total length complies with the announced size.

2.3 The car has a double-layer loading platform structure. The upper loading platform can be lifted up and down under the lifting device to facilitate loading. The lifting device is configured according to different needs and can be divided into three types: direct lifting type with hydraulic cylinder, pulling type with pulley and wire rope, and hanging type with hand chain hoist.

2.4 For a dual-axle single-tyre car carrier, there are two manual springboards on the left and right at the gooseneck step at the front end of the lower chassis, and an extraction ladder and a climbing ladder are designed at the rear and tail. The rear upper chassis is equipped with an extraction ladder at the rear end.

2.5 For a dual-axle twin-tire car carrier, there is a manual springboard on the left and right at the gooseneck step at the front end of the lower chassis, a movable frame for oil cylinder lifting in front of the rear axle, and a manual springboard on the left and right behind the rear axle. , the rear tail is designed with an extraction ladder and a climbing ladder. The rear upper chassis is equipped with an extraction ladder at the rear end.

2.6 About the chassis mask. The middle part of the lower chassis is equipped with a mask plate as standard, t1.5; under the traction pin (traction vehicle tire) and the perforated plate at the rear axle, the mask plate is t1. The rest of the lower chassis and upper chassis are not covered.

2.7 In order to prevent the upper chassis from jumping, a rope tightener is provided to pull the upper chassis and the lower chassis together.

The above is a summary of the issues related to the popularization of information about passenger cars. I believe it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you need it or you still don’t understand anything, you can follow our official website or call our phone number. Here we will There are dedicated personnel to answer your questions.

Post time:Nov-20-2022

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