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How many cars can be transported by a car carrier semi trailer

As the name suggests, a car carrier refers to a vehicle for transporting cars. Nowadays, car carriers are also very common in road transportation. How many vehicles can a car carrier transport? What are the regulations for car carriers?
According to the car body structure of the car, we can divide the car into three structures: skeleton, semi-enclosed and fully enclosed. According to the rear axle structure of the car, we can divide the car into two-axle structures. Single tire type, twin axle twin tire type, etc.
According to the Ministry of Transportation regulations, compliant vehicle transporters can carry 6-8 vehicles. At present, about 70% of the trailers in the entire car market have been replaced with new ones.

According to the policy, a general flat-head tractor can load 6 cars. The flat-head tractor is also the mainstream model in the car industry. For many retail investors and logistics companies who comply with the regulations, the starting point of the policy is good and it can also play a certain role.

However, self-discipline in the car transport industry and joint efforts by logistics companies, drivers, etc. are still needed to fundamentally solve the problem. How to standardize and further consolidate the current governance results and promote the sound and healthy development of the entire car transport industry has become a question we have been exploring.

After the vehicle transport vehicle is loaded with vehicles and before driving, the loaded commercial vehicles must be limited and tightened to prevent the vehicle from jumping during driving and ensure the safety of the vehicle during driving. There are two ways to fix the vehicle: one is the wheel fixing method, and the other is the frame fixing method.
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Post time:Nov-09-2023

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